We’re taking a hiatus.

It was actually a pretty easy decision to come to. Last year it would have been more difficult.

What we’ve seen is that the need and demand for our services and those like ours is enormous, but the deployment of them with our partners in local authorities and SEN schools is much more difficult to achieve in the conditions and in our format.

We’re coming up to 8 years old in a few months, and we think we’ve done great work with so many young people in that time, but over the last 12-24 months we’ve seen the dynamics change and we thought it was the right time to take a pause and reevaluate.

We think the SEN school staff, social workers and other local authority staff are doing an amazing job and they should have the full support of everyone in the community. Their jobs are demanding, constantly evolving and resources are spread thinly. In the circumstances they’re doing really well.

We’re going to take 12 months to see how things change and will reconvene then to come up with a plan. Until then, a huge thank you to everyone who we’ve worked with and who’s supported us – we’ll see you.

The MSH team. 💗

About last night

What a night!!!

I popped up at the mini CICC in Easterside (thanks Beth for the invite) to chat to the group of young people there. I wanted to focus on aspiration and happiness which I managed to get across, after getting control of the mini CICC bear (think: talking stick). It went well and there were lots of questions from the young people – a product of small groups but I’m always happy when it happens.

After that there was another speaker, Stuart, who turns out to be the new head of service. What an amazing guy with lots of insightful things to say and a pile of the right intent. Just listening to him talk to the young people had me inspired.

We chatted afterwards. He said no to cake, I didn’t. The more we talked the more I liked him.

My parting words to him were “I’m pumped to have met you”. I can’t wait for our next meeting.

I also made him a coffee. Thanks Easterside Community Hub – we owe you 2x coffees.

Steve. x

That new new

It’s a bit of a fresh start for us here at MSH. We’ve been working hard over the summer on tweaking our strategy for the immediate future so that we can continue to deliver outcomes for the young people we work with and remain efficient in doing so. If you caught this video over the summer then you’ll have some context – if not then it’s worth a quick watch.

Here’s an explainer video about the new strategy, but don’t worry, there’s a text version below too:-

  • Instead of creating programmes of visits for each group we’re working with, we’re going to create a single core programme of visits per year which our groups can access and which will be divided up fairly. More on this soon.
  • Occasional specific visits can be arranged depending on circumstances. We’re trying to accommodate as much as possible
  • We want to do more live speaking to groups in schools and with local authorities. The more the better, so contact us if you want us!
  • We’re going to set up more CV and interview workshops, with our team and with businesses. We’ll look at doing these with certain groups, or putting larger events on in cooperation with our partners.
  • We’re going to kick off a project relating to SEND interview process and see if there’s something we can add.
  • We’re going to create more content for young people via our YouTube show and social media channels. Keep an eye out for that.
  • We’re going to come up with a plan to bring role models, inspiration and aspiration to the female young people we work with.

This will all help us deliver, and help reduce the burden we put on the businesses that support us at the same time. We can’t wait.

Hear from you soon.